Bungee Boy
A unique and unusually addicting bungee sweinging game.  A free and paid version available.
Off Road Rumble
Off Road Rumble & Off Road Rumble  for the Mac  Both of these apps are hard hitting fun with no rules pedal to the metal action.  The Mac version is a full multiplayer game with up to 4 players.  Just connect your mac to a big screen TV and you have a full game console experience for an unbelievably low price.  The mobile version is currently FREE and is enjoying great popularity.
Air Hockey XL
Fast paced fun air hockey game.  Many options
Finger Skate 2
Finger Skate 2 & Finger Skate original The highly popular Finger Skate has been completely rewritten and upgraded to Finger Skate 2.  It has new controls and a new world. 
Blingy for iPad
and Blingy for Mac  Blingy has been a popular app for years on the iPhone and the web.  A staff pick as a widget, Blingy has now been optimized for the iPad with three game modes including a new Rain mode.  Not just another bubble popping game, but a game of strategy and focus designed for serious bubble poppers.

Two Hoops
released!  Addicting basketball fun.  Try it it’s FREE.
Next generation special effects.  Add numerous effects like particles, color correction, 3D objects, frames and more.  Here is a growing list of effects: Text • Smoke • Flying Bugs • Rain • Snow • Fireworks • Lightning • Confetti • Leaves • Bubbles • 9 Magic effects • Bloom • Saturation • RGB • Brightness • Contrast • Analog TV effect • Vignette • Posterize • LED effect • Frost effect • Edge • Blur • Small Fires • Large Fires • Thought Bubble • Jail Bars • Spider • Frames.
Musical Fireworks 2
An unusual twist to fireworks, this app allows you to syncronize a fireworks show to any song from your iTunes music library.  You can even record the whole thing and replay it back exactly how you performed it.  It also includes a 3D city mode for an encredibly magical and realistic experience.  FREE
Open world skateboarding game
Money Printer
A cool trick to make other think your iPhone can print money. 
Privisualization in full 3D
ShotPro relesed!  Previsualization for everyone.  If you are a top movie producer or a person with a story to tell, ShotPro can help you do it.  Incredible 3D interface, super fast and super easy to use.  Available now for the iPad.  Coming viery soon to the iPhone 5 and above.  Add voice and animation to your characters and make your story come alive.
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ShotPro       Released for iPad!